Own It .NYC !Own it .NYC

.NYC – The Official New York City Web Address

It’s Your City, Own It!

Own a Short, Meaningful and Connected .NYC Address

With the saturation of traditional domains like .com and .net, a .CITY address will create a great opportunity for local businesses, organizations, and residents to obtain a domain name that may be better suited to them. Currently, many entities have domain names that are too long or difficult to remember. This is usually because a more suitable second level domain name ending in .com or another conventional extension was unavailable or too expensive. Now they will no longer have to compete with the rest of the world for catchy, easy to remember domain names.

Own It with a Piece of The NYC Brand

A .NYC domain is the perfect platform for global branding, marketing, and visibility. Each website that contains the NYC’s domain is an advertisement for the NYC. The same holds true for email addresses with the NYC’s domain. This can help increase tourism, build and enhance international business relationships, and boost the NYC’s economy. In fact, the very act of obtaining and operating a .NYC domain tells the world that this is a prestigious, proud NYC that deserves to be recognized.

Own .NYC Consumer Trust

NYC domains will also increase the confidence and trust of Internet users. When they see a domain name containing the .NYC domain, they will know that the site is legitimate. If they are searching for a particular type of business within the NYC, a .NYC domain will automatically identify those businesses. Not only that, it’s a great way for businesses and organizations to have a prestigious domain name and show their pride in the NYC.

Bond With Your New York Audience When You OwnIt.NYC !

Imagine if you have a website about a business that is in New York City and you want to make sure that people who are looking for what you have to offer are able to find it easily. Just imagine all that can be excluded if you have a .NYC on the end of your website instead of a .com or a .net. They are going to know that your website is specifically about NYC instead of simply mentioning it in passing. When you OwnIt .NYC visitors will know instantly that your business is located in New York and that you are local. .NYC will distinguish your website as exclusively New York.