Register Your .NYC Domain

Own it .NYC

.NYC is the official website address ending for New York City. A physical New York City street address is required to register


What is .NYC?

.NYC is the new not com domain address for New York City based businesses and websites. Now it is possible to associate yourself or your business as specifically New York City based and operated. The internet addressing system is becoming more specialized, descriptive, personal and local. Along with new domain extensions such as .art, .music, .blog and over 1000 others, New York City now has a specialized address of its’ own – the .NYC domain address.

Who Can Own a .NYC

.NYC is meant to be a an online address for a genuine New York City business, organization or resident website. As such, only those that possess a genuine New York City street address are permitted to use a .NYC domain name. The authenticity of .NYC domain addresses will be monitored and enforced by the Nexus Compliance and Enforcement Policy.



.NYC Is Open for Registration!



.NYC is one of the most successful new not com domains yet to emerge, with over 60,000 new registrations. Beginning October 8 2014, anyone with a New York street address can register their .NYC domain in real time. Just find your .NYC domain in our search tool and in a few clicks you can be the proud owner of a shiny new .NYC address that will surely win the attention and loyalty from your audience.

Why Choose .NYC?

Be Authentic.NYC

Because only residents and businesses with a physical address in New York City can use a .NYC address your New York City audience will instantly know that you are authentic NYC(see .nyc nexus plan). Get it, show it, Own it. .NYC

Get Local

Location, Location, Location! Make it easy for your audience to find you. Websites using an .NYC domain will have strong local appeal, and send a strong signal for local search optimization. Rise to the top naturally and leverage the brand, and the proximity of a .NYC website address.


Stand Out From The Crowd

Anyone can own a web address ending with .com, but only true New Yorkers can reside on a .NYC domain. Customers searching for products and services in New York City will know instantly that you are located right where they are, increasing click rates, visitors and revenue.