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.NYC is the official new website address for New York – Own It!

.NYC – Your Official New York City Web Address

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The .NYC Advantage

Dot NYC – The Big Apple Gets Its Own Domain Name

New York City is one of the largest cities  in the world. Home of Yankee Stadium, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, New York City attracts millions of visitors every year. It’s also the place that over 8 million people call home. With a huge population and a prominent spot on the East Coast, this thriving metropolis is a prime location for tens of thousands of businesses. From small “Mom & Pop” operations to massive corporations, New York has it all. And now the Big Apple will have its very own top level domain. This will be a major asset to these businesses!

Advantages of a .NYC domain

If you’re a New York City business owner, you’ll reap many benefits with a .NYC domain. You’ll have a great opportunity to secure a fabulous, easy-to-remember .NYC url for your company – something that’s next to impossible with .COM and other saturated Domain Names. A premium domain is not only a superb marketing tool, it’s also highly brandable. A .NYC Domain Name instantly tells people that your website is affiliated with the Big Apple. It will enhance your credibility as a New York City entity. Your target market will be more inclined to click on your URL than one belonging to a competitor that’s still using a generic Domain Name like .COM. Another potential advantage of using a .NYC Domain Name is favor from Google and other search engines. Although this isn’t set in stone, everyone knows that Google tends to reward relevance. What could be more relevant for searches specific to New York City than a domain name ending in .NYC? If this boosts your rankings it will mean a lot more traffic to your website. And that means more customers for your business! There will be a lot of competition for this elite Domain Name, so plan today to snatch one as soon as possible. It may very well be one of your best business moves ever!